Notice period recovery vs Leave Encashment


I am serving my notice period (initiated by myself) in a PVT IT company in Bangalore, and since I was on bench I had requested to HR for early release.

Initially she said I can deduct my EL from 90 days NP, but very recently she mentioned she was wrong and either I have to serve full 90 days or buyout.

And after fiddling around a lot got the following data from her-
1)Notice period recovery = Gross salary / 30 or 31 (based on the month) number o notice period short fall days*
*2) Leave encashment = basic salary / 30 or 31 (based on month)number of EL balance

I am a bit confused why one is in Basic and the other one in Gross.
I have asked the same to them in mail also , but havent got any replies, always deferring saying that there is time to discuss it or middle of something when pinged.
Can anyone please help me with this query i.e why one is calculated in Basic and the other one in Gross?

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Suggest to refer the appoinment letter and policies. Check whether Gross is mentioned or Basic is mentioned. Based on that, you can seek further clarification

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If notice pay is claimed on gross then EL should also be on gross. The wage day is divided by 26 days and not 30/31 days as 4 days are considered as rest days. Source payment of minimum wages act.

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