Notice Period

Dear All,

I would need your expert suggestions please.

We would like to change the notice periods for some of our key employees. During their employment, they received an appointment letter mentioning 1 month notice period, now, we would want to change it to 2 months, since they have already grown with the company and company invested on them already…

can you advise the best approach we can do in this situation…

Thank you all in advance. :slight_smile:


Hi @Ludy
You have already issued Appointment letter to previous employees with the clause of 30 days serving notice period at the time of resignation so u cant change it…you can implement it to new employees.

Other option is you can always negotiate notice period with those old employees. If they agree then that is also fine. In my company we negotiate with employees about their notice period if there is alternate resource available after he leave the organisation than company can relieve him/her…

Negotiate is always better option.



@Heena thank you for this …