Changing notice period. Re-issue new appointment letters?


There is a discussion on changing the notice period for employees.

Do we need to re-issue new appointment letters to employees informing this? or Is there an option to provide just a updates letter on appointment?

Need advise


@RamyaV Looks like this post has good suggestions to your question. If you have more
questions do ask.

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If it’s just a change in notice period, please change it in your existing policy about notice period and release the updated policy to your employees.

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It is important that the employees should know of any changes in the policy and they should accept it. It cannot be done unilaterally.

You can organize a session to sensitize on the new policy.

Anyone who has already resigned or/in notice period before the policy Commencement date, those folks should be excluded.

Post sensitization session, You can create an acknowledgement form and get it signed from each employee (can be digital too) that they have read and accept the new terms and conditions related to notice period. That is important.

Ravi Kumar

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