Notification from government for WFH in SEZ's!

As a result of a series of deliberations and Government engagements led by NASSCOM, the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, in its notification released on 08-12-2022 has further simplified work-from-home rules in SEZs. This is a major step towards enabling ease of doing business and will provide much-needed flexibility for companies operating in SEZs to develop a strong hybrid work model for the future.

Effective immediately, there will be no need to file an application to seek approval for WFH and there is no restriction on the extent of WFH that can be enabled by a unit in the SEZ. If required, units may even operate all of their employees in a hybrid/ remote manner. This facility is available till December 31, 2023. The only requirement is that the units shall intimate the local Development Commissioner through an email that they are implementing a WFH model.

This has been one of the major asks from NASSCOM and will help the industry to get sufficient time to organically come up with a hybrid model which is sustainable for a longer duration without the burden of compliance.

Community Manager.