On duty Absentism

Can an employer deducts amount from employee salary based on On-Duty/Absence hours ? is there any specific rule for this ?

There is no specific rule, but below pointers can be considered:

  • Are you paying the employee on hourly basis rate then you can deduct for absence hours or in other words, pay for worked hours only

  • If employee is Salaried employee & his T&Cs is Per month Salary, and
    a. Paying him extra for Overtime Hour if he works extra 1 hour
    b. Providing Interval for Rest as per the applicable S&E act

If a & b is Yes, then you can think of deducting but if you are not doing a & b, then it is not right to deduct.

The Better way to have deal with such issue is having a Policy where incase of repetitive absence hours by an employee (for e.g. min 5 instance), then you can have penalty of 1 day to be deducted from Leave Balance instead of directly deducting from Salary