On-Duty Leave Application For An Employee Working Out Of Client Location

Hi All,

Would like to know in any of your Organization’s you follow ‘On-Duty Leave’ application or ‘attendance regularization’ request for the days, an employee may be working out of client location.

You input on this is highly appreciated.


hey nagaraj,

pls share you exactly looking for OD - out duty form ???


@vineeta Just wanted to know which process or option company follows?


Dear Nagarajpillai,

For OD i will not recommend you go with the manual option , and should go with the attendance software, now available in all ATTENDANCE SOFTWARE , module called visit management , LIKE SOME OTHER POLICY FIRST you have to make the inter office memo, as like other policy & leaves module ,Allocate the od to the employee’s on monthly basis, employee needs to apply the same and send to the superior for the approval once its get approved you can see this reflection on the attendance sheet ,Marked as OD for the day , here on you consider the same as present for the day ! you can ask employee to mark the OD from the client location, and here you go can track his/her location . & set the rules as per the department wise.

i hope this would help you !


Hi Nagaraj,

If an Employee is working out of Client Location, Employee can send the Attendance Regularisation Request and Manager can approve the same.

Also, there is an option to Sign-In from Location

This feature is available in GreytHR.

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