How To Moderate The Attendance Of Employees At Client Site

My employees sit in clinet side for projects. Today head of the department has given compliant against my employee tht he comes late to office has per my report he come on time they dnt have punching system thy have register. if my employee comes late he marks register tht he came on time so now i want keep track at of all my employees time in & time out how i can keep a track i cant visit daily to client side

Cant you initiate a register to be signed at the entrance at your client’s site?

Generally such facilities are available at the security counter near the entrance. You can monitor the register weekly or bi-weekly.

Other than this , do plan sudden visits . The rampant checks at the site would keep the employees disciplined.

Finally , stay empathic towards them. Observe what are the difficulties they are facing and why are they not taking complete ownerships of their jobs.

There might be unresolved issues with them. Seek solutions and implement as far as you can. They would feel valued and respected , hence have more responsibilities to respond in a similar manner.

Hope this helps.