Payment for work on HOliday

Hi Colleagues,

One of my worker worked on 1st May… Since it is an National Holiday, we are calculating that day as Over Time and also paying regular wages for that day…

For example triple wages for that day. Is it correct or we will have to pay only double the wages for that day?

Please clarify.


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1st May is not a National Holiday. There are only 3 National Holidays - 26th January, 15th August & 2nd October.

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As per rule, it is double pay + 1 compensatory off to be given.

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Hi Sir,

That is fine, but my query is whether we have to pay double the wages or triple the wages, if an employee works on Holiday?

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Sorry to barge in ,

Double pay of 1 day salary or a only basic?

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Except for 26 Jan, 15 Aug, Oct 2nd, if any other days employee works in company, company has reserve rights to provide OT & Compensatory as per their internal policies.

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Hi Udhay - below is the definition in S&E Act:

Holidays - Every employee in an establishment shall be allowed:-

(a) a holiday with wages on the Independence Day, Republic Day, and Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday; and

(b) five other holidays with wagesin a year in connection with such festivals as Government may declare from time to time by

Provided that an employee required to work on any such holiday shall be paid remuneration at double the rate of his normal wages calculated by the hour.

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It says Holiday with Wages which should be at least Minimum Wages.

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Pay double wages if you compensate the day and triple if not compensating. Normally the employee gets two facilities as the day off and salary for that. When he works you have to provide three facilities- that is the theory.
Thank you

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