PF Deduction when the last salary is waived off

My notice period was of 2 months but I served the notice period of 1 month. Hr told me that 1 month salary would be waived off.Hence in FNF you won’t receive any money.
But i have receive pf for the month where my salary was waived off.
So will i get FNF as 1 month of salary then?


Hi @Yogita0412 ,

Just some clarifications on your inquiry.

first did you resign or was terminated?
you mentioned that you have 2 months notice period - you served 1 month > was this your decision or the decision of the company?
coz if it was your decision, then you must pay the remaining month on your own
if it was company decision - then they must pay you still > not unless you have a different agreement on this.

If you may give clarity on the above then we can share our thoughts on this. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Ludy , it was my decision to resign

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@Yogita0412 ,

Others may add or correct me here:

You received a PF deduction for the salary waived off most probably because company still considered it in their books and did not do an automatic offset - this I believe is beneficial for you.

So will i get FNF as 1 month of salary then? > No, as mentioned above, company was booking it that way - this was beneficial to you, coz remember with your contribution is also a contribution from the company.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Hi Yogita,
Since you have served 1month notice, your PF for that month was credited as statutory deductions will be automatically calculated for working period even if it is notice period.
But your salary was adjusted towards 2nd month notice period so they are not paying it in your F&F.

Hope this clarifies you.



Notice period cannot be more than 30 days and therefore claiming two months notice pay is incorrect. EPF should be paid being statutory obligation and cannot be siphoned off.

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who is claiming two months pay?

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There is no law(as far as I know) regulating companies to limit notice period to 30 days.
There are organisations where even 90 days notice period is applicable.

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