POI for different amounts of rent & PAN requirement

Hi Community,

Employee’s first 6 month is 8000 and rest year month rent is 9500. How can the POI submission be done? Also, is landlord PAN required?

Please advise


He will need to add 2 Landlords and their PAN.

Agreement can be provided if their. But PAN will be mandatory of both the Landlords.


The employee has to declare two rented properties separately.
For the First 6 months since the annual value of HRA will be less than 1,00,000 there is no need to provide the PAN of the landlord and for the second property, he has to provide the PAN number of the landlord as it is crossing the limit of one lakh.


Agreement of the two landlords along with their pan cards are required. If there is no pan card for the landlord, self declaration can be made by the landord for the same



If you’ve had paid Rs 8,000 monthly rent for 6 months, and Rs 9,500 for the remaining 6 months of the year, the annual rent paid adds up to Rs 1 lakh 5 thousand (48,000 + 57,000). So, if the rent paid exceeds Rs 1 lakh, it would be advisable to get the PAN of both the landlords.