Poll :: Motivating factors

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What Motivates You to Perform Your Best at Work? :muscle::smiley:
  • a) Challenging Projects
  • b) Opportunities for Growth
  • c) Supportive Work Environment
  • d) Recognition and Rewards
  • e) Work-Life Balance
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Most of our members (46%) feel that the most important motivating factor driving passion towards work is Opportunities for Growth, (34%) believe that Challenging Projects is another crucial factor that must be offered to motivate, (32%) believe that Recognition and Rewards is a factor which must be considered followed by the (31%) looking for Work-Life Balance and (29%) believes that Supportive Work Environment is also important.

So the conclusion is that β€œOpportunities for Growth” and β€œChallenging Projects” are the 2 most liked and preferred motivation factor which drives the major passions.

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