Post Pandemic - Contract2Hire Trending in IT Industries

Most of the IT Services Companies are looking at hiring IT Professionals on a short and medium tenure (say 3-6-9 months). IT Outsourcing clients have been looking at hiring to the specific duration of requirement of work accomplishments. Recruiters are finding it difficult to fill in such requirements as most of the job aspirants are also looking for long term and stable employments.

Challenges are everywhere and nowhere to go, the Recruiters are going crazy and confused in matching the right candidate for requirements. Recruiters have to bleed literally to meet the client expectations and the shelf life of candidates are also less now a days as they keep hoping jobs.

Then how does the IT Companies’ HR faces this challenge… They’re unable to close positions through job portals and Social Media sites. The demand and supply is unable to sync due to opportunities and resource costs going higher and higher on the niche profiles. IT Services (Body Shopping Companies) rates are also high now a days due to cost increasing.

Easiest way to meet the client requirements is hiring professionals through contractual platform providers. There are few players who are having quite a good amount of database of IT professionals (Millions) who can be hired on WFH or WFO depending upon location requirements. If any requirements, do let me know so that I could further guide them in hiring IT Professionals for their project needs.


Thanks very useful.