Provident Fund for Employee who worked for only 7 days

Dear team,

I always turn to you in times of need and you always show me the road ahead :slight_smile:

We had an employee who quit within 7 days of joining. Should we be remitting PF for 7 days or can we just pay her the gross salary for 7 days of work? Please advice. Her monthly salary is over 50,000/month.

Look forward to your guidance.


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You need not pay PF. Just pay consolidated sal for the days worked

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I would not go by that advise. An employee having a legal contract should go through the proper F&F process including PF deduction and remittance. The number of days of employment does not matter because a legal contract is created and signed by both parties, making is liable for compliance. Trust this helps.

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Agree here.

If employee raise a question in future, it would be an unnecessarily chaos and can go in employee’s favor.

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Thank you all for your valuable inputs

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