Rainmaker Launches WorkSAFE Unfiltered!

Rainmaker, the culture and compliance learning solutions company in India, has introduced its new e-module, WorkSAFE Unfiltered, focusing on the Prevention of Sexual Harassment (PoSH), in the workplace. Featuring two distinct units: ‘Employee Awareness’ and 'Manager Sensitivity’, WorkSAFE Unfiltered, merges humor with crucial insights on fostering a safe and inclusive workplace, and is narrated by popular comedian, Shreeja Chaturvedi, who doles out both wit and wisdom in equal measure.

The new e-module includes interactive examples, real-life scenarios and actionable strategies, helping participants gain a deeper understanding of workplace dynamics, legal implications and the significance of open communication.

Speaking about the new e-module, Antony J. Alex, CEO of Rainmaker, said, “With WorkSAFE Unfiltered, we’ve taken a bold step towards redefining the entire learning experience of PoSH compliance. By enlisting Shreeja as our narrator, we’ve infused humor into a critical dialogue, making the educational journey not just enlightening, but genuinely engaging and memorable. This e-module is more than just a compliance tool; it’s a holistic exploration of workplace dynamics and legal intricacies and highlights the profound importance of open communication.

Together, with Shreeja’s unique narrative style and Rainmaker’s experience in creating consummate training modules, we are endeavoring to empower participants with actionable strategies, fostering a workplace environment that prioritizes respect, understanding and a shared commitment to a safer and more inclusive future.”

WorkSAFE Unfiltered features two units: ‘Employee Awareness’ and 'Manager Sensitivity’. In Employee Awareness, Shreeja guides participants through engaging scenarios and relatable anecdotes, employing her signature sarcastic style. This approach provides employees with a candid and informative exploration of what constitutes sexual harassment, empowering them with the knowledge to recognize, respond to and prevent such situations in the workplace.

In Manager Sensitivity, Shreeja continues to leverage her unique comedic style, guiding managers through nuanced discussions on handling concerns related to sexual harassment. The content focuses on fostering a supportive environment and understanding managers’ crucial role in creating a culture of compliance.

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