Recruitment - Candidates Turn Down Offer on the Date of Joining Without Notification

Hi Pals,

I would like to know your opinion on what if candidate has used employers offer as a “counteroffer” and just before joining date he turns down the offer without any notification, position closing is quite time consuming and this is a very unpleasant way to express the denial. Sometimes we commit the client and it creates a very bad impression on him.Is there any portal / HR Group where we can report such candidates? What should be done in these scenarios? the best way is?

Thanks in advance for help :slight_smile:


I am in the same boat. This is biggest fear in recruiting. Such candidates must be in blacklisted list.



Human nature is never predictable and often in spite of all you have done, the candidate refuses at the last minute.

Chances of back out may be he /she look for other better opportunities in terms various factors i.e.
CTC, onsite opportunity, designation and technology, domain and company name also.

Only other option is to have a back-up candidate; be honest with him; say another person is being considered but should he say no, then you will revert to him and make him the offer instead.
Not always viable, but worth trying!


Hi @adminKO

We have been observing this for quiet some years now, where a candidate negotiates one offer letter CTC with the other and takes advantage of the same.

Some companies for the same reason always do not share a hard copy of the offer letter and do regular follow ups for the same.

Some even keep hunting for resources even till last minute of the candidate joining as plan B.

This is an overall challenge for all of us, in current scenario where demand is very high for some positions that head hunting is also very difficult.

Some group of companies has the following options to track the same:

  • A unified portal to track the applicants history- Example NASSCOM has a portal for the same reason where feedback over the candidate is listed.

  • Some back ground verification companies update this list and even shares with the employer - the number of times a person has denied offers etc.,

  • There several groups which are run by group of HRs and Recruitment agencies where the same feedback is updated.

But to be frank there is no strict mechanism for the same and it’s always advised to have a back up / Plan B candidate ready in place.

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Very true @avgol.amit.2019.

Agree with your points. Sometimes this gets built over a period of time as an experience to predict and understand the intention of a candidate attending the interview too.

Dear @adminKO,

What we do is once the candidate is selected, we do not give any offer letter till (s)he joins. Instead we send “Invitation to join our company” via email, where we just mention what will be the monthly / Gross salary and CTC as a part of the email text. If candidate has any queries about salary component we address over the phone. Once they join the company on the joining day we share offer letter. Thanks.


Completely agree with @shefalipatil

This is the general practice followed and wont hurt a candidate too.

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