Recruitment question

As bpo company we have recruited some employees for new upcoming contract and offered them offer letter and they have accepted too .Thier joining dates are in next month now due to some unavoidable circumstances we have not received that contract can we close this positions ?any legal issues can come out from this scenario please guide .

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In this scenario, as a matter of curtesy you need to inform all such new recruits in advances that you are closing such positions with proper information and get the acknowledgment from each one of them.

As per my opinion there will be no legal issues but once again I say you need to inform all of them well in advance so that they shouldn’t be waiting to join you and gets sudden shock.

Lets wait others to share their opinion on the same.


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Hi @sagarg

Please note if you have released the Offer Letter and received the written confirmation, then it is deemed to have contract between both parties.

In this case, you should talk to the Candidate & update him and have mutual Offer withdrawal in writing.

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