Relocation Procedure

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Can you please advise on the proper process to take on this situation:

Originally the employee is hired for the location in Bangalore, then now a new project came and he was brought to Chennai. The project took longer time so he stayed there for more time and incurred expenses for housing and food. Company has a policy that when employee is transferred company will take charge, however in this case, it might take longer.


  1. What can company do, so that the employee will start to shoulder his food and housing costs until the completion of the project
  2. Is it legal for the company to issue a relocation letter/notice mentioning that if his transfer will be more that a month, he needs to shoulder the food and housing expenses
  3. if #2 is legal, can anyone share a sample template letter that you have used
  4. if anyone has this dilemma, can you share how you are handling it.

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Hey @Ludy,

Navigating situations like this requires careful consideration to ensure fairness and compliance with labor laws. Here’s how you might approach this scenario:

  1. Communication: Start by having an open conversation with the employee. Explain the situation, project’s extended duration, and the need to adjust the cost-sharing arrangement for housing and food due to the unforeseen circumstances.
  2. Policy Review: Review your company’s relocation policy thoroughly to understand if it provides flexibility for such cases. If the policy does not address prolonged transfers, consider revising it to include guidelines for extended stays on projects.
  3. Mutual Agreement: Seek the employee’s agreement in writing regarding the adjusted cost-sharing arrangement. It’s important to have a mutual understanding of the situation and how the employee is willing to proceed.
  4. Relocation Letter: If the employee agrees to the new arrangement, you can issue a relocation letter outlining the extended stay, adjusted cost-sharing, and the employee’s consent to these terms. This letter should be reviewed by your legal team to ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations.
  5. Support Documentation: Provide all necessary information and documentation related to housing and food expenses that the employee would need to provide or claim reimbursement for.
  6. Fair Treatment: Ensure that the revised arrangement is consistent and fair for all employees who might face similar circumstances. Consistency is crucial to avoid any perception of discrimination or favoritism.
  7. Legal Consultation: It’s always a good idea to consult with your company’s legal department or legal counsel to ensure that the revised arrangement is compliant with labor laws and regulations specific to your region.

Sample Relocation Letter:


Dear [Employee's Name],

Re: Extended Stay on Project Transfer to Chennai

We trust this letter finds you well. We appreciate your dedication and commitment to the ongoing project in Chennai. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the project's timeline has been extended beyond our initial estimates.

In light of the extended project duration, we would like to discuss the cost-sharing arrangement for your housing and food expenses. As you know, our company policy covers relocation expenses for project transfers. However, given the exceptional circumstances, we kindly request your support in sharing the costs of housing and food during your extended stay.

This decision is not taken lightly, and we understand the impact it may have on you. We assure you that this arrangement is temporary and is a reflection of the project's unique circumstances.

Before proceeding, we would like to have an open discussion with you to address any concerns you might have and to reach a mutually agreeable arrangement. We value your feedback and want to ensure that this arrangement is fair and reasonable for both parties.

Please let us know your availability for a meeting to discuss this matter further. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this situation.

Thank you for your continued dedication to the project. We look forward to working together to find a solution that benefits everyone involved.


[Your Name]
[Your Title]

Please ensure you adapt this template to your specific situation and consult with your legal team before using it.

Remember, each situation can have unique nuances, and it’s essential to tailor your approach accordingly.

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Hi Ludy

My Suggestion : Since the employee is on a Company project with a timeline, the Company can either source a long term accommodation and pay a fixed food allowance , so that there is no ambiguity.
This needs to be discussed with the employee and agreed upon.


Sure @Ludy , Anytime.




Thank you for the input :slight_smile:

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