Temporary Manpower

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I need your advise on this scenario please:

An applicant is asked to first work for a month with the company he applied for, this is for him and the company to test if he is fit for the job and for him to see if he wants the job. They agreed that the salary will be given in cash after the 1st month of working. Then later the official offer letter will be given with all other benefits.


  1. Is this arrangement legal, is the company not exposing itself into any issues on this arrangement
  2. What documentation is needed for this if any

Thank you for those who will reply :slight_smile:


If he/she is fresher, he/she can always join as intern and company can evaluate and decide about hiring him permanently later Or he can join as consultant/contractor for a month or two and company can offer employment after evaluation. It can be done.


Dear @Chitram ,

thank you for the feedback.

what document will be prepared in this case?

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