Resignation- resign using mail? or physical resignation letter needed?


Is it acceptable to resign using mail? or Physical resignation letter has to be submitted?
In law is something specific mentioned to be followed by HR on resignation process?


The terms of employment / appointment order may decide the manner in which an employee tenders resignation. If the terms insist that employee has to submit a resignation letter in writing with physical signature, then resignation over email can be rejected or considered as invalid.


Hi Gowri,

To add @Sree’s view,

Yes, resignation through email is acceptable.

The common practice is the employment agreement/letter of appointment stipulates the resignation/termination clauses. Unless it is explicitly mentioned to hand over a physical copy of the resignation, the employee has the liberty to submit the resignation by electronic mode.

The email communications are legally validated under the Information Technology Act and the Code of Civil Procedure provides for the electronic evidences to hold electronic communications with evidentiary value.

Considering the pandemic as an example, an email resignation may be preferred than a physical copy. Also, many organizations inclined to go paperless minimizing its usage, unless the physical copies are inevitable/necessary.

It is a recommended practice to acknowledge the receipt of the email to avoid future confusions/misunderstandings.

Bhuvana Anand