Getting virtual acceptance on documents

Hello everyone,

We have moved to virtual office since the lockdown last year. In such, we are following virtual onboarding process for our new employees. However, we still have confusion on getting acceptance on documents over email. We have been sharing offer letters, employment agreements, confidentiality & non-disclosure documents over email and asking the employee to print, sign and send a scanned copy of the same to us over email. So will this practice work? Or do we need to ask them to courier us a physical copy of signed documents?


Hi @Mugdhavn13

Received the signed copy of Appointment Letter via Email is accepting of T&C’s by parties.

You can ask them to courier the Physical copies or Print the Signed copies post receipt and keep it in records.

GreytHR has the feature of sending the documents on portal so you have the records at one place.


There are three ways in handling this, I think.

I. Print the document, sign, send the document to user, by post/courier or handover to person
User signs, and sends the document, by post/courier or handover in office.

II. Generate the document, email the soft copy in pdf to user for acceptance
User writes in mail “accepted” and replies the mail
Follow the steps mentioned in I at a later stage.

III. Generate the document, sign it electronically using signeasy/docusign/eversign (there are plenty of tools)
Share the signed document to user to sign.

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