Returning & New Workplace strategy in a COVID-19 landscape

Exploring the return to workplace strategy in a COVID-19 landscape, can somebody help?

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When deciding which employees should return to the workplace, and when, organizations have largely deferred to government guidelines. But HR leaders also need to tackle these issues when developing and implementing their reentry strategies:

Communicating to employees that it is safe for them to return and why?
Protecting them from the continuing risk of contracting the coronavirus at work.
Handling the anxieties of those who are reluctant to come back.

Following points can help you decide the processes involved in the return.

When to return?

First, make sure you have a “re-exit” plan.
Be certain employees will feel safe.
Wait until your employees are ready.

Who returns first?

Sequence the return by segment.
Decide based on the work, not the worker.

What’s required in the new workplace?

Employee experience and safety come first.
Communicate candidly about the risks.
Acknowledge the non-work stress on employees.

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