Shark Tank's Anupam Mittal Shares 3 Tips For Hiring Leaders ! 🦈

Anupam Mittal, the founder of and a judge on Shark Tank India, recently shared insights on LinkedIn regarding the crucial task of hiring for leadership positions. Highlighting the potential impact of wrong hires on a company’s success, Mittal emphasised three key strategies he employs to ensure the selection of the right individuals.

“How do you kill a company? By hiring the wrong leadership! You can have a revolutionary product, a passionate team, and a booming market – all brought to their knees by a few bad decisions at the leadership level. While we all know this, hiring the right senior folks is yet another thing that falls in the list of – “Simple but not easy” Founders & CXOs today are bombarded with fancy recruitment tools, psychometric evaluations, and interview techniques promising the perfect hire. But, most of them are only marginally effective. Unlikely that a smart senior individual will fail an interview,” Mittal wrote on LinkedIn.

In his post, Mittal underscored the challenge of hiring senior executives despite the plethora of recruitment tools and techniques available. He outlined his approach, which includes conducting multiple meetings with candidates, conducting discreet reference checks, and prioritising individuals with a proven track record of building and driving success.

Mittal’s emphasis on thorough evaluation and focus on key qualities beyond conventional interview performance reflects his commitment to making strategic hiring decisions that can significantly impact the trajectory of a company.

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