Tata Communications aims to empower millions of women!

Tata Communications, a global digital ecosystem enabler, launches Phase 2 of its ‘School of Hope and Empowerment (S.H.E) project intended to provide entrepreneurship education and professional guidance to 5 million women by 2024 across the states of Bihar and Odisha in India. Phase 1 of the project has motivated women to complete the education series and be empowered with knowledge and skills to set up and manage a business independently, ensuring access to quality education for all.

Phase 1 of the School of Hope and Empowerment project has advanced the well-being of women in Jharkhand and empowered them to play a pivotal role in advancing their families and the larger community. In Phase 2, we are now scaling up this project by 10X to help women in the States of Bihar and Odisha in India. Through this project, we are extending access to self-empowering learning modules, local support ecosystems, and micro-communities to bridge the rural and gender development gap.

The empowered women of this project are an embodiment of courage and confidence, overcoming structural barriers including gender stereotypes, household responsibilities, financial constraints, and social pressures. A multi-media, multi-stakeholder impact communications initiative, this project is designed in collaboration between Tata Communications and The Better India to support and educate women from rural parts of India.

It is empowering youth and rural communities (especially women) economically and socially through vocational, entrepreneurship, and life skills training which enhances access to resources, new technology, and financial services, thereby supporting them in becoming active contributors to the economy.

Community Manager.