The HR Book Club #12 :: Built for People 📖

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We’re thrilled to bring you another captivating book in our series: “Built for People” by Jessica Zwaan. :star2: Get ready for an insightful journey! :rocket::open_book: #BookClub

So today’s book is -

Built for People -

        • Jessica Zwaan


About this book

Written for all HR professionals and business leaders, Built for People explains how to improve workforce and business performance by developing people-centred ways of working, evidence-based decision making and a culture of continuous feedback and iteration.

It explains everything from what this approach means for business professionals, what the benefits of it are and how to do it effectively. It covers how to proactively develop an employee experience which attracts, engages and retains the talent the business needs and supports them to operate at their full potential. There is also practical guidance on the importance of user research, sprint planning, vision development and how to encourage a continuous feedback loop in your team.

Taking the best elements of a product-management approach and applying them to HR activity can transform the people function. This book shows you how.

In case you want to read it, here is the link -

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