The HR Book Club #6 :: Bring Your Human to Work!

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We’re thrilled to bring you another captivating book in our series: “Bring Your Human to Work” by Erica Keswin. :star2: Get ready for an insightful journey! :rocket::open_book: #BookClub

So today’s book is -

Bring Your Human to Work-

        • Erica Keswin

About this book

As human beings, we are built to connect and form relationships. So, it should
be no surprise that relationships must also translate into the workplace, where we
spend most of our time! Companies that recognize this retain the most productive,
creative and loyal employees, and invariably seize the competitive edge.

Paying attention to the effects people have on one another other is key to
developing a winning culture where people perform at the top of their game. Bring
Your Human to Work shows that the most successful leaders actively form quality
relationships with their employees, honor fundamental human traits –– authenticity,
openness and basic politeness –– and apply them day in and day out.

Author Erica Keswin distills the key practices of most human companies into
advice that any business leader can use to build a “human workplace.” The lessons
in Bring Your Human to Work foster fairness, devotion, and joy in the workplace. By
bringing your human to work, you can design a genuine workplace that is aligned,
true to itself –– and might change the world.

In case you want to read it, here is the link -

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