The HR Book Club #8 :: The Talent Delusion!

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We’re thrilled to bring you another captivating book in our series: “The Talent Delusion” by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic. :star2: Get ready for an insightful journey! :rocket::open_book: #BookClub

So today’s book is -

The Talent Delusion -

        • Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic


About this book

This book for HR professionals focuses on the discoveries on the difference between “regular” and “superior” performance. Some people significantly differ between their peak and average performances, while others are in the middle.

Giving it your all is a simple way for an employee to trick their manager into believing they are performing well. However, it is impossible to always perform at a high level. It’s only a matter of time before people return to their typical performance. So it’s practically impossible to judge someone’s ability to perform based on just a few weeks or months of data, especially if that person has a strong desire to succeed.

In case you want to read it, here is the link -

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