The Punjab Factory (Amendment) Rules, 2020

Please find the attached - The Punjab Factory (Amendment) Rules, 2020

The Government of Punjab vide notification no.G.S.R. 98/C.A.63/1948/S.112/Amd.(34)/2020 has implemented The Punjab Factory (Amendment) Rules, 2020. As per the Amendment, (1) The head of the technical institution in the State of Punjab and Chandigarh having Civil or Structural Engineering courses shall be the competent person for carrying out tests, examination, inspection, and certification for such buildings, dangerous machinery, hoists and lifts, lifting machines and lifting tackles, pressure plant, confined space, ventilation system and such other process of plant and equipment located in a factory as stipulated in the act and the rules. Such certification from the Institute shall be signed by the Head of the Civil or Structural Engineering Department and Head of the Institution. (2) The additions, alterations, or extensions in the existing factory as specified in Schedule shall be accepted by the Cheif Inspector (3) The application for submission of the plans shall be uploaded by the Occupier or Manager along with the documents on the portal of the Chief Inspector (4) The license shall be renewed for one year digitally through automatic mode if there is no change in particulars of license from the previously granted or renewed license and other conditions required by Government. The application for the renewal of the license shall be made in Form 2-B (5) The Chief Inspector may exempt any factory from an ambulance and medical facility subject to such conditions that there is an empanelment of a hospital or nursing home of minimum twenty beds at a travel distance of not more than two kilometers from the main gate of the factory and also provision of ambulance van in the premises of the factory (6) Occupier or factory Manager can maintain the registers in an electronic or digital format with time stamp, geo-positioning and digital signatures of the occupier or factory manager in the same format as specified for the said registers in these rules. Please refer to the notification for more details.

The Punjab Factory (Amendment) Rules, 2020.pdf (118.8 KB)

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