Trends to look out for in 2023!

While HR professionals have been effective in keeping up with the digital revolution, which advanced by half a decade owing to the pandemic and managing the new employee-employer dynamic, they will have to strategize and anchor the changes that are yet to unfold. People and technology enabling a sustainable future will form the core of an organization. A positive culture with a progressive approach, better employee experience, balance between working remotely and from the office, and automated and digital systems will be key to the role of HR leaders.

  1. Future of work

It is evident that the hybrid model is preferred and is a new reality. But organizations and HR leaders will have to do more than just introduce a suitable work system. HR must enable leaders and managers to leverage a hybrid workforce. Technology will help overcome the challenges posed by hybrid models such as employee onboarding and engagement, collaboration and a sense of team bonding, and remote management by leaders. Digitized systems will support HR in ensuring productivity, in the long run, predicting future skills and having access to relevant talent.

  1. Employee experience

Internal career growth will also determine employee experience. A Gartner survey on employee career preferences showed that just one in four employees voiced confidence about their career at their organization, and three out of four looking for a new role were interested in external positions. HR leaders must identify internal career moves for their employees, which in turn encourages employees and improves retention. A clear growth trajectory and well-explained benefits, requirements, and responsibilities for a new role will go a long way.

  1. Reskilling and upskilling

Reskilling and upskilling leaders with the how-to of leading remote teams, managing hybrid work, and meet changing expectations of their organizations will also be significant for HR. Leaders and managers will need the guidance of HR to drive their brand purpose and work with empathy.

  1. Recruitment

Organizations are consciously seeking a diverse set of people, making diversity, inclusion, and equity a continuous and integral part of recruitment. HR professionals will have to ensure the hiring of underrepresented talents. The buck will not stop at hiring, and organizations will have to go the extra mile to create a safe and comfortable environment for new employees.

  1. Learning and Development

Professional learning and skill development will continue to be one of the crucial HR trends of 2023. Learning and development have become essential with more employees seeking online courses and development activities. The use of technology for analyzing the training needs, identifying the skill gaps, designing programs, and curating learning material and methods that will help employees enhance their performance and move closer to the goals of the organization.

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