Unclaimed Bonus to LWF

Hello Everyone,
Our Auditors advised that When there is an unpaid wages & bonus lying for a period of more than 3 years then we have to pay the amount to LWF in Karnataka State. But there is no options to make the payment online in https://klwbapps.karnataka.gov.in/contribution/
Can someone help me to understand how we can make this payment. Is there any other options or documents to be maintained.

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Hi Sreeja,

Please find the Karnataka LWF Rules attached here; you can also refer to https://klwbapps.karnataka.gov.in/assets/pdf/cont-eng.pdf.

The unpaid wages/bonus to be declared under Form C and a register (Form B) has to be maintained. You can make the payment by cash/cheque as prescribed in the rules.

For any further clarifications, you can contact the Karnataka LWF Board on below contact details as specified in their portal:

For technical issues: 080 2357 0266
Or Write to: welfarecommissioner123@gmail.com
Or Contact their Mobile support: 8277291175

Karnataka LWF Rules.pdf (172.7 KB)

Bhuvana Anand