What are the emergency guidelines or protocol for manufacturing industry or factory act

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Please suggest me what steps should be taken in emergency if an employee faints or falls unconscious or meets with an accident during office hours and he /she is under ESIC/GMC policy like –

What are the emergency guidelines or protocol for manufacturing industry or factory act

1. Take to private hospital

2. Take ESIC Emergency

3. or other Option

And who will bear medical treatment expenditure


Or it is necessary to go to a government hospital or you can also go to a private multi-specialty hospital.
Or whatever money is received for treatment should be deducted from the employee’s salary.

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I can provide with an insurance perspective that is critical for the employee.

  • Immediate priority is to address the condition of the employee and not wait for nearest hospital ( either private or Government).
  • If the situation is out of emergency, you may look at your exiting insurance provider and move to a hospital which is part of the network of the insurer to avail cashless treatments.
  • For ESIC scheme - you have to mandatorily go to the ESIC hospital only.
    In all of the above, if insurance is either through an insurance company or ESIC, the expenses will be borne by the insurer. If the hospitalisation is in a network of hospital of the insurer, then it will be direct settlement with the hospital from the insurer. Employee need to pay only non-payable expenses including admission fees, registration charges etc.

Also critical to have is a quick access to doctor on call, preferably within the manufacturing facility as the incidences of injuries can be high


if any employees are in under esic coverage and due to emergency employer admitted in private hospital and provide basic treatment so
employer can debit from employee salary??

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  1. Since it is a life saving decision, we have to take the employee to the near by Hospital for First Aid or initial screening, then we can decided on the Insurance / ESIC Scheme hospital
  2. Now a days all the companies are providing Group Medi claim Policy and Group Personal Accident Policy which is covering the major multispecialty hospital. You can select the one which is very near to the factory/ Industry for treatment.
  1. If the employees is covered under the ESIC Scheme, it is better to go to any ESIC Hospital near to the Factory/Unit. Mostly all the eligible expenses will be paid from the scheme.
  2. If all the above is not seen/covered, We have to take him to the hospital whether it is private / Govt Hospital where he will be treated at par. And the medical cost can be paid by the industry itself and get it reimbursed from employee or from the insurance co.
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