Why HR Is Most Underrated Job?

HR is the easiest job in the corporate world? Do you understand any technical terms? Can you make a coffee? Does Rangoli make your passion? Phew! Sound vexatious. Being an HR, you definitely heard these lines in your professional career. You are dominating in your work, but your hard work isn’t recognized in the company.

Most companies are not serious about HR profiles, they treat them like a receptionist. We are not judging a receptionist role, but the point is an HR is a very important pillar of any company, So let’s respect them. Human resource management is one of the toughest jobs because it required immense responsibility and dedication toward the company.

What people think about HR Profile:

  • Craft beautiful rangoli for festivals
  • Organize activities & plan for trips on the weekends
  • Encourage employees by awarding them with gifts
  • Manage attendance & leave policy
  • Keeping an eagle eye on employees with CCTV cameras
  • Try hard to convert office space into a paradise
  • Play the hire & fire game every day
  • Whilst HR is Free, they make irrelevant rules

A World Without HR…

Let’s assume, companies will work without the HR profile. Read the below points and feel the power of this job profile.

  • It affects the company’s growth
  • It will destroy the hiring model
  • A degree will be superior to practical knowledge
  • Stressful and Emotionless working culture
  • Employees will behave like a robot
  • Good and bad employees will work in the same boat

And the most important thing to remember is that HR Is Not A Receptionist…

Community Manager.


Seriously HR’s are not receptionists.