[Winners] Most Valuable Contributors September 2021

Hi All,

Applause to our Most Valuable Contributors[MVC] in the greytHR Community for September 2021 .

Arpana Yadav - @Arpana - AstorMueller Pvt Ltd :star2:
Aprajita - (@Aprajita ) - Aexonic Technologies :star2:
Habeeburahman - (@Habeeb) - Parisons :star2:

Arpana Yadav, Habeeb have been consistently enthusiastic to share knowledge and adding a lot of value. Good to see Aprajita back in the community to guide fellow members.

Special congrats to @Arpana ;Thank you for making participation a regular habit and in course topping the list 7 times in a row. You are awesome :bouquet: :bouquet:

Huge round of applause to our members who ask unique interesting questions and share a lot of knowledge. The superstars :stars: :stars:

:superhero: Ankiet Daangi @Ankit | JaishreeVignesh @JaishreeVignesh | Nithya @C0025 | Sathya Narayanan @Sathya1965 | Raghu V @RAGHU | Natarajan Subramanian @Natarajan | Archana Bopaiya @Archana | Deepa Dinakaran @deepa.d | Manjot Singh @manjot.singh | Deepti Tonpe - @Deepti | Anamika @adminKO | Bhujabali @Bhujabali | Karunanidhi @ekaruna | Sojin J Thomas @sojin.thomas | Kajal Shinde @KAJAL1 | Aakash Bhasin @aakashbhasin | Ravi Kumar P @RaviKP | Govardhana @Govardhan | Vineeta Solanki @vineeta | Megha @megha | Shilpa Raju @rshilpa | Yogesh Patil @yogesh.p :woman_superhero:

Each and every contributions makes our community smile better each day. Thank you to each one of you! :writing_hand:

Congratulations and Keep inspiring us! :clap: :clap:


Hi Community,

Thank you so much . Congratulations to all the winners and participants and request keep adding your knowledge to help others.


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