World Economic Forum changing criteria for gender gap reports!

India’s standing in the world will improve since the World Economic Forum (WEF) will rate countries based on the participation of women at the panchayat level in its next Global Gender Gap assessments.

According to a formal guarantee made to Union Minister for Women and Child Development Smriti Irani, who recently led an Indian team to Davos and highlighted the “flaws” in the ranking system, the international body is re-examining and modifying the criteria for the ranking.

“There is a false and unfair perspective on women’s empowerment when political engagement at the panchayat level in India is completely disregarded. A system not existing is one thing, but existing but being utterly ignored is quite another,” said a government official.

Now that the WEF has agreed to incorporate this for ranking, India has won a significant win. Additionally, it will help all nations and present a more accurate picture of women’s empowerment.

According to officials, 1.4 million women in the Indian panchayat system would now have their political contributions counted.

The WEF has thus far examined four main axes to evaluate the gender gap in a nation: economic involvement, political participation, health, and educational attainment.

The WEF examines the proportion of female members of the Union Cabinet and both chambers of Parliament when determining the political participation of women.

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