Xto10x allowing employees for moonlighting!

A startup xto10x announced a moonlighting policy that allows employees to undertake other professional pursuits while working full-time.

Employees at xto10x are encouraged to explore and experiment with different opportunities to grow professionally and personally. They are required to disclose their terms of engagement in the spirit of transparency, but there are no approvals required.

Team members can seek guidance from their functional leaders when in doubt if the engagement leads to a conflict of interest. The company believes team members are professionals who can make decisions responsibly, so there won’t be a central committee set up to oversee and approve these endeavors.

Their belief is that people should be able to pursue their passions alongside their full-time jobs since this can aid them in excelling at the company as well. As an employee-centric organization, they believe in creating a work environment where employees can thrive.

As a team, one should trust their members to make the right decision about what engagements to take on and to disclose if they’re getting paid for them. They do not have to obtain approval for pro bono or paid work as long as it does not harm xto10x interests.”

Community Manager.