[30min.’ Live Discussion with Experts] on Role of HR in Training & Development Process; 3:30PM to 4:00PM, 17th March 2022

Hi, how can we reduce attrition of female employees post maternity as max. turns to attrition…


Very Intelligent Question. It does involve expenditure, yet if you are a tech company- use your resources- interact with experts, do industry analysis and create your interface and keep it aligned to your organisation. It is worth a one time investment. You can get the investment if you yourself know the worth of it and then only can convince CEO and CFO. :slight_smile:


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At what stage of the employee life cycle should HR design the training and development process for an employee?


Simply- by giving them flexibility and reducing your own biases towards them. Give them appraisal as per their performance, have frequent connects with them. Ask what do they want- create diverse culture as per the requirement and not based on your assumptions.


Yes. Its a good way for employee engagement and deeper conversations. I strongly advocate this and this also unfolds the other opportunities and internal movements which reduces costs in long run.


As we read earlier, it should be in line with the business goals of an organization and the curriculum shall be set or an year and the existing employees and the new joinee shall be engaged/aligned with the yearly set program.


Thank you panelists for the session. We would like to hear your thoughts on:

How data analytics can play a role in structuring the L&D for an organization?


Here the focus should be on the policies, communication and behavioral aspects, take a feedback on why attrition and work on them, plot them in to people reason or process reason or benefits reason and then start a program, you cannot change past but can make a impact for future.


By developing them to take on the added responsibility of mentors. HR needs to develop their own communication and knowledge of the domain of People Leadership to convince managers for this added role. Managers should have trust on their HR to take on added things.


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