Absorption rates not impacted by Hybrid model!

The covid-19 pandemic has affected us all, but see how resilient we are; see the rush at various Airports, people are missing out on flights, and even hotels would have been empty during the Covid days, now it is overcrowded; look at neighboring countries like China, and look at India; India Is definitely on a fast forward track

Indian companies may permit people to work from home twice or thrice a week; however, that is not going to be detrimental as far as India’s growth story is concerned. Hybrid may continue for some time, developers will also come up with a better office atmosphere adding new amenities.”

Covid-19 has made us all move out from work–life situations to work–life integration. However, the most important thing is productivity, and companies are not going to consider it in a lighter way. I think a hybrid system may continue but not for everyone.”

The pandemic made organizations move from offline into an online mode overnight with the bandwidth of advanced technology.” The difference between many organizations is in the culture. “So companies are feeling a very dire need to get employees back into office as soon as possible.

Some employers talk about moonlight, which is about confidentiality. The compromise of two or three days a week of working from home is not the answer. Here, what jobs can or cannot be adapted must be sorted out. What sells online and offline, the discussion will end the moment employers are able to crack this code in that sense.

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