Indian employees preferring Hybrid model!

Indian employees are unwilling to go back to the office full-time as they are relishing the hybrid work model, which became a necessity in the last two years, due to the pandemic. According to HP’s global study, Indian employees strongly favor a hybrid work model as they believe it improves their productivity and gives them a much-needed work-life balance. Employers too have something to cheer about as Indian employees indicate a higher probability of staying in their current job if given a hybrid work option.

The survey had a total of over 10,000 respondents, including over 1000 from India, across the ages of 18-50+ years. The participants worked in various industries full-time or part-time or were business owners or self-employed.

Hybrid Work leads to better work-life balance

The hybrid model is seen to amplify employees’ chance to prioritize personal well-being. Most of the responders prefer working from the office for two-three days a week. Findings reveal that everyday individuals working in India believe in a higher retention capacity, owing to the hybrid model.

Hybrid Working allows increased productivity along with work efficacy

According to the survey, the hybrid model increases productivity, makes employees focus better, and provides more flexibility to get the work done. 47% of respondents believe that home productivity with office visibility gives them a better chance of promotion and gives them more opportunities to demonstrate their abilities and build relationships with their team members.

Technological tools are crucial for a successful hybrid work environment

Technology should act as an enabler for firms to empower their employees fully for hybrid work. 51% of respondents agree that laptops help them carry out tasks more productively and 43% agree that they have a more enhanced collaborative process through laptops.

Way forward for hybrid work

The survey further reveals that there is still much work to be done in ensuring a truly equitable and collaborative future of work. The concept of Technology Shame is one that often hinders acceptance (of hybrid work?) and a holistic work approach. In India, 30% of the respondents believe that internet connection is one of the major disruptions. To further improve productivity, 13% of Indian respondents believe that they need access to better tools and accessories such as headsets, monitors, and webcams.

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Hi Kaulin,

I somewhat agree with this survey - coz first hand information would suggest that in India - employees do prefer the hybrid system of work - as most of the interviews I have done for applicants, they do ask if the company is offering a hybrid work model.

Though I may not agree fully on the statement that “Hybrid working allows increased productivity” - coz once at home, focus is divided and productivity is not as much as when you are at home - not unless you have a separate room that you use for working from home - then it would be really productive :slight_smile:

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Well, @Ludy if I agree to certain points and certain points may not be eligible from my perspective but nevertheless, the survey says it works in favor of the majority.

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