Apprenticeship Act - NATS Enrolment & Claim

Dear Community,
I would need clarity on the eligibility criteria for claiming reimbursement under NATS programme. The act states the apprenticeship period recommended is upto 1year from the date of enrolment. Would need clarity on the below two cases:

  1. In the case where an intern is engaged only for 3 months (say May to July) and later he is absorbed into full time eff Aug. For the remaining 3 quarters, is the employer eligible to claim a reimbursement? Here the full time role is not designated as “Trainee” & there is “no probation period / clause”.

  2. For freshers engaged into full time immediately after the graduation , again the role here is not designated as Trainee / there is no probation clause though there will be on job training to equip the person with necessary skills to contribute in the role. Can the employer enrol the fresher under NATS & claim the benefits?


Hi Aish,

This is interesting for me.

Can you possibly share the NATS program coz we are also contemplating on hiring interns.

Thank you.

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