Absorbing interns as full-time employees

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My question: If we decide to absorb an intern on full-time basis after they complete 6 months internship with us, do they still need to be on probation of 3 months? I.e. 6 months internship + 3 months probation= 9 months before getting confirmed? In this case they will be entitled to leaves an other benefits directly after completing 9 long months after joining us?

Would appreciate if you could shed light on what is the general practice followed by organizations?



Hi @Mugdhavn13

Some how missed it.

Observing an intern based on his performance and the need of the company is a good idea, and practically they need be in probation if done like this or some companies usually reduce it to 30 days if at all required / mandated by the management.

Leave entitlements (during probation only sick) and post probation all leaves is the general principle.

But some companies to attract and retain talents do calculate leave balance for probation period and allow them to utilise only after confirmation.

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Internship is not considered as part of regular employment process. Internship is only a learning curve to the aspiring Intern who could develop employable skills to pursue career. If Reporting Manager feels that the Intern is exemplary in his/her work skills, then the employment normalisation can be made effective. In such cases, the probationary period can be cut short to a lesser duration and employed further. Leave and Other Statutory Benefit starts once the probationary period starts. This is the general practice followed by most of the HR Professionals.


@Dinesh & @sudheer.bn sir, thank you for your valuable inputs. It did help clarify a lot of my doubts.


Thanks @Mugdhavn13 Happy to hear that :slight_smile:

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