Avoiding serving notice period


Is there a way for employee to not serve a 3 month notice period? For less days or even complete removal

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Hi Manjunath,

Notice clause on unilateral exit is a contractual obligation thrust upon an employee under the contract of employment. If there is a buy-out option, the employee can exercise it that too subject to the discretionary approval of the employer. In extraordinary situation like exit due to sudden illness requiring long lasting hospitalization immediately, the employer can be asked to waive the notice condition on humanitarian grounds.
No other ways to skip it.


@Umakanthan very true, employees will have Notice buy-out option only at the discretion of the employer.

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Employees need to check with the present employer for Notice period pay and new employer for notice period buy out option. If both mutually agree, then employee can leave for their requested date. Even if an employee not serving notice pay, as per about act, employee can approach the service letter through labour department if employer is not ready to provide it.

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Notice Period is normally based on the T&C’s of your employment contract. There are times when Employee & Employer can mutually decide to get separated earlier. But incase if Employer disagrees, then Employee will have to serve the Notice Period or Pay in lieu of Notice period as per the T&C’s.

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