Can all employees be informed, if someone infected with COVID


This second wave has brought in so many challenges. We are facing a situation of employees getting infected and lot of scheduled work has not happened as well. so our question is-

If one of our employees is covid19 positive and in treatment or in quarantine, is it possible to share that information with other employees? and to what details?

Please help with some information on this.


Hi @Swati

Without the concern of an employee no health status to be revealed (which at times doctors too follow).

It’s better you ask the employee to be on sick leave - and call it that way to outsiders, and if required the concern dept. HODs can be informed of the same, but not all employees.



My first question to you Swati, what is the need to inform all employees about anyone’s health details. Moreover we as a HR should be smart enough to handle such situations.

Its a big No to inform about any such details of any employee to all employees.

If the person home quarantine and you need to delegate their work to someone else just say on leave due to some personal reasons, because if you say sick leave then again employees will start multiplying on it.


Hi All,

Firstly, we ideally don’t need to announce any health related issues to anyone.

Considering Covid Scenario, we need to make sure as soon as we get to know anyone is infected, then all the employees who were in direct contact should be asked to get Quarantine and test themselves as per guidelines.

Wrt Work, Manager can always reassign work in the team and it is not required to even state the reason but that will depend on Managers managerial skills how he allocates the Work.