Payment to Covid 19 patients and contacts

Dear All,

Can you forward me guidelines in regard to the Covid 19 affected Staff, as per A.P, and Telangana Government norms:

01.Employee affected with Covid 19 - are they eligible for 28 days payment in full.
02.Employee’s immediate family member is affected with Covid 19, hence had to be in quarantine for min of 15
days and could not attend work - are they eligible for payment during their leave period.
03.Employee has been in contact with a Covid 19 patient (received notification thru Govt app), but not
affected- Should we treat their absence as leave or pay in full.

your info on the above will be helpful to take decesions.



Hi Jyotsna,

The MHA by its notification dated 29 March 2020, directed the industries, other shops and establishments to ensure that it has to pay wages to its workers without any deductions for the period their establishments are under closure during the lockdown.

Other than the above there is no explicit notifications published by the Govt. of AP and Telangana which can answer your list of questions.

The employer - employee relationship with regard to the leave norms, wages etc. are governed by the Shops and Establishment Act of the respective States.


Thank you so much for this input.