Change in HR Policies Post CoVID

The Pandemic effect has made the organisations to rethink/revisit on the HR Policies to make employee friendly taking care on well-being and other aspects. However do we feel that the changes in the Policies like Induction, Onboarding, appraisal, promotion decisions, allocation of work in regards to maintaining of social distancing and resources requirements have been met. Many organisations have made changes but have not revisit or made changes in HR Policies. We as HR Professionals need to bring clarity in the policies in these times and communicate well.
Anyone has made changes can share brief about his organisation as this can be helpful across the community.


That’s true @Sunil.Joshi. We have many HR’s in this forum with similar thoughts, and let’s bring all of them together.

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Hi @Sunil.Joshi ,

Such a relevant topic to be discussed about in detail. As it’s said and accepted now about the new normal and way-forward, every organization is putting in their best minds and thoughts to address these topics.

I have seen a few good conversations here in the community. I wouldn’t say all the points have been addressed here. I found a few good points in many articles here.

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This discussion in micro conversations can be so beneficial to all of the HR community. Members of this vast HR family can add in so many points.



very well said, @SantoshK, but would love to hear from everyone and do post whatever is implemented at your locations regarding changes done in written / unwritten, it will be helpful across.
HR Policies is the core…


We have launched benefits to employees on either hiring or buying chairs, based on city/location of work. For mental well being, we have partnered with an Employee Assistance Program service provider. Our onboarding and exit processes have been revamped by adding points on remote hiring and relieving. Any rewarding or goodies are being arranged for getting directly delivered by the sellers.

Communication on COVID-19 related Medical Insurance policy coverage are being communicated. In the Leave policy, additional paid sick leave option has been added.

Constant communications are happening and connect sessions by Leaders and HRs , online fun activities, wellness sessions, 1:1 discussions are being conducted are regular frequency.

Online platforms are extensively being used and benefits extended to all employees for learning and development on an ongoing basis.


The pandemic has surely forced organisations revisit some of their policies and procedures in order to support their employees who are compelled to work from home. While some policies were tweaked a bit to accommodate the new work environment, many new ones were introduced. The most popular ones that impacted employees working from home are:

Work from home policy – Past restrictions on who can and who cannot work from home were looked into in more detail to accommodate as many employees as possible

Internet, phone, courier expense reimbursement policy – Policy and procedures set up to enable employees to claim their expenses on courier, calls and internet charges. Revised procedures on how to electronically claim their allowances are also specified

Office equipment purchase policy – In support of employees to purchase office equipment such as laptop or desktop, software applications, electronic / electrical equipment, printer, ear phones, chair / table, stationery, etc

Medical coverage policy – Ensuring employees and their families are adequately covered for the pandemic so that timely treatment is provided in case of any exigency and that their work schedules are reassigned

Leave carry forward / encashment policy – As travelling is not an option and vacation is restricted under both medical & economic circumstances, a more liberal leave carry forward / encashment policy is extended to employees

Employee Wellness policy – Man is a social animal and it is truly proven now! Restrictions could cause stress or any other disorder, including physical or mental disharmony due to lack of exercise, fresh air and socialising.

Business Etiquette policy – Certain business rules about work timings, dress codes, ethics, avoiding background noise, client / stakeholder meetings, team meetings, etc were stressed in order to maintain a fair office decorum even while working from the comforts of their homes. Setting up of online streaming apps like Skype or MS Teams or Zoom or Google Meet, etc are made compulsory

Data Security and Records Management policy – Probably the most important policy since it deals with managing sensitive employee data, especially in a function line HR or Payroll or business sensitive functions like Sales or Pricing. While an office environment had all the physical and electronic restrictions and protection to data, it may not be so in a home environment.

Mandatory and online training policy – Whether one works from office or home, some trainings cannot be avoided, especially the mandatory courses. Progress on these are tracked remotely by L&D team to ensure completion or certification.

These are really challenging times for HR teams as they are going out of their way to keep their folks engaged, focussed and challenged. At this point in time, all we can do is say ‘Kudos HR, well done’!!


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