Offer letter, Appointment letter- post Covid times

Hi all,

I was reading about offer and appointment letter here.

  1. Are there new updated formats for offer letter, appointment letters used after the covid-19 situation hit us all?
  2. Any specific clause needs to be highlighted or re-done?

Please share your thoughts.



Hi @Anushri.

Not very much but few conditions like:

  • Remote working
  • Data Security
  • PII (Presonal Information Security)
  • Laptop / Data card policies
  • Leave carry forward
  • Attendance marking / Fullday working hours
  • Shift management

are some areas where majority of companies have done a drastic policy change.

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Hi Dinesh. Thanks for sharing

Is that possible to share any sample policies for the new heads


Sure @VS001

We have discussions related to this under.

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My suggestion here would be… more than in the letters, it would be the policies that need to be evaluated and new ones added. Dinesh has listed out quite a few helpful policies.

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