Changes in ESI Scheme under the Code on Social Security


What are the changes in ESI coverage under the Code on Social Security ?


Hi Nitin,

The ESI provisions continue to remain the same under the Social Security Code.

Applicability of ESI provisions under the Code:

Every establishment in which ten or more persons are employed other than a seasonal factory:
Provided that Chapter IV (ESI provisions) shall also be applicable to an establishment, which carries on such hazardous or life-threatening occupation as notified by the Central Government, in which even a single employee is employed:

Provided further that an employer of a plantation may opt the application of Chapter IV in respect of the plantation by giving willingness to the corporation, where the benefits available to the employees under that Chapter are better than what the employer is providing to them:

Provided also that the contribution from the employers and employees of an establishment shall be payable under section 29 on and from the date on which any benefits under Chapter IV relating to the Employees State Insurance Corporation are provided by the Corporation to the employees of the establishment and such date shall be notified by the Central Government.

For more information, you can refer to The Code on Social Security, 2020 (

Bhuvana Anand

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