Conditions to file the Transfer Claim online


What are the required conditions to file the Transfer Claim online? also needed for online PF transfer?

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You need to login to UAN portal and initiate online transfer claim. For that Aadhaar and PAN are to be linked to your UAN.

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KYC for Aadhaar and Bank account must be completed
Through online services Details of Previous accounts from which company to present company which company transfer to be given should be mentioned clearly.
This can be done approval through the present employer or by the previous employer .



Some of the conditions that are needed for this transfer are -Employees should have activated their UAN on the portal.
Their registered mobile numbers should be active.
Their bank accounts should be seeded to UAN.
Their KYC should be verified against UAN.
The old and current employers must have registered authorised signatories digitally.
PF numbers of both previous and current employment have to be in the EPFO database.

For online PF transfer, please ensure following-
Employees should have activated his UAN at the portal.
Mobile number used for activation should also be active as OTP will be sent in this number.
Aadhaar number, Bank account of employee should have been seeded against the UAN.
The date of exit for the previous employment must have been entered.
The employer should have approved the e-KYC.
Only one transfer request against the previous member ID can be accepted.
Personal details reflecting under the ‘Member Profile’ must be verified and confirmed before applying.

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