Deployment Of Electronic Facility At Employer Interface Of EPFO’s Unified Portal For Principal Employers To View EPF Compliances Of Their Contractors And Contract Workers

EPFO has introduced a new facility in its unified portal enabling the employers to declare their contractors and the period of the contract so that they may view and monitor the compliances in respect of their contract employees reported in the ECR.

Through this facility, the principal employers can also view whether the employer’s share of EPF contributions paid by the principal employer has been remitted by the contractor for all contract workers or not.

Kindly refer notification for more details.

Effective date is 1 February 2021.

Deployment_Of_Electronic_Facility_At_Employer_Interface_Of_EPFOs_Unified_Portal_For_Principal_Employers_To_View_EPF_Compliances_Of_Their_Contractors_And_Contract_Workers.pdf (3.6 MB)

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