Earned leave eligibility

one doubt

A worker has worked 220 days in 2023
he enjoyed EL 12 days in 2023

for EL eligibility his total worked days = 220+12=232
hence he is un eligible.

he is claiming that NFH of 11 days to be added for eligibility.
means 232+11=243

as per act for eligibility we can consider worked days + previous year EL enjoyed.



Let’s break down the situation:

  1. The worker worked 220 days in 2023.
  2. During this period, they also enjoyed 12 days of earned leave (EL).

To determine eligibility for further leave benefits, we need to consider the total worked days and the previous year’s EL enjoyed. Let’s calculate:

  • Total worked days: 220 (worked days in 2023)
  • Previous year’s EL enjoyed: 12 (EL days in 2023)

Adding these together:

Total eligibility criteria=Total worked days+Previous year’s EL enjoyed=220+12=232

Now, the worker claims that NFH (Notional Full Pay Holidays) of 11 days should be added for eligibility. If we include these NFH days:

Total eligibility criteria with NFH=232+11=243

As per the act, eligibility can indeed be determined by considering both the worked days and the previous year’s EL enjoyed. Therefore, the worker’s claim appears to be valid, and they would be eligible based on the total of 243 days.

Keep in mind that specific company policies and local labor laws may vary, so it’s essential to verify this with the relevant authorities or HR department. :blush: