Hi... please help me know.... Personal Leave: 21 working days (earned) and any holiday/Sat./Sun. as a prefix or suffix not counted in the total leave period

Hi Please help me to know

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Usually while computing Earned Leave , organizations may not omit in between holidays and will consider as EL. For example assume Saturday and Sunday are off days for an employee and if availing leave from Thursday to Monday, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon : 5 days may be considered as EL. However this is organization policy specific. Similar logic is applicable to Suffix and Prefix cases.

Hope your query is clarified. If not, please share more info


Hi Pradeep,
Earned Leaves will be deducted only for working days. Any holidays/weekoff falls between, will not consider for Eaned leave deductions.
It depends on company to company but most of the companies will follow the above.



Depends on management

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