Leaves after casual leave is finished


If an employee has finished his casual leave and wants a new half day or full day leave, What leave will he be eligible?
will he be eligible to get earned or privileged leave?

Please advice


He can avail Paid /Earned leave if he has the balance else it will be a loss of pay .



Though I have not understood your question properly but still trying to reply as per my understanding:

Eligibility of PL/EL is total depend on completion of 240 days in previous year then the person is eligible for PL/EL or 1.25 days of PL every month on the completion of 20 physical working days.

If he /she exhausted CL and PL is still there in the balance then you can approve the leave by adjusting with PL.

I hope my this reply will help your query resolved.


Hi @Anushri

In most cases you can allow employees to use in excess and minus the same once the leave grant for next month happens.

else its purely LOP or you should follow a yearly grant where leave balance for a year in granted at one short.

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